Mezuzah in Dark Multi-Bright

An intricate pattern of crystals, beads and gold accents adorns this mezuzah. The perfect piece for someone who loves lavish decorations and attention to details. Each bead and crystal was lovingly hand placed on this mezuzah imbuing it with positive energy. A wonderful addition to any home.

-Materials: Swarovski crystals, Glass beads
-Metal: 24K gold electroplated over brass
-Size: 5″ by 1″ inch
-Scroll Space: 3.6″ by 1″ inches
-Scroll and mounting screws included
-Handmade in our NYC studio
-Complimentary gift wrapping
-Comes with a non-kosher scroll & mounting screws.

Note: Check The Jewelry section to know about care instructions.

STYLE #: MZ189

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